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Wednesday, 22 June 2011 17:27

Milestone: Rise to stand from floor


Watch for independent rise from floor from a supine position after child is able to walk well without assistance (generally 12-16 months). Watch to see if child uses a Gower's maneuver (full or modified, by putting hands even briefly on knees or thighs) or cannot rise without pulling up. Repeat any time concerns are raised about walking or other motor function, to evaluate for regression.

Surveillance & Next Steps

A child who cannot rise from floor to stand without support (including without using hands on knees or thighs to push up) by 18 months, or who shows regression in rise to stand, needs further evaluation: CK and referral

What does rising to stand in a weak child look like?

Tip:Don’t forget to get the child out of the parents’ lap to evaluate motor function. Have child rise from a clean mat on the floor.

Developmental norm

Rise to stand from floor corresponds with time of independent walking

Download a pdf of the Surveillance and Referral Aid for Primary Care Providers. This Aid includes assessing weakness by age, clinical evaluation for muscle weakness, guidance on the use of CK testing, and the motor delay algorithm. These materials have been endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
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Did you know?

Toe walking, while often a normal variant, may be an early sign of a neuromuscular condition or a central condition such as cerebral palsy.